Buyer Prepare. A cautionary comment on Windows Tablets/2-in-1’s


Microsoft Surface is leading a resurgence in popular tablet and 2-in-1 windows device sales. The tablet to replace a laptop IS a fantastic device, whether it lives up to it’s marketing positioning or not. And with Windows 10 improving on nearly all the complaints of Windows 8x – there is now market acceptance and demand, with the resulting wave of OEM devices being delivered to meet this. Whether it the Surface, HP’s Spectres, Lenovo or Dell tablet/2-in1’s, there is a key consideration every buyer should be aware of, and almost every OEM is trying to avoid mentioning!

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Windows Phone Musings…


It’s been one of those weeks. With the news out of Redmond and article after article chronicling the commercial failure and imminent death of windowsphone, we have had some time for reflection. Metaphors abound. I-told-you-so’s spread like wildfire. Critics criticise. Know-it-all’s pontificate. Fanboi’s rail at the unstoppable tide. And Microsoft write off nearly all of the people, lives and livelihoods that they took on to try to make a commercial success of windows phone. What do we think…..

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New MSAU Aussie Win 10 UWP Dev Training Camps.


It’s been a while since we shared a new WINDEV Training Camp from the local Aussie DPE team at MSAU. So, here it is. Lucky Melbourne and Sydneysiders will have the chance to attend a full day introduction into coding UWP – Universal Windows Platform Apps for Windows 10. Check our post for links and details.

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