ABC Australia – a sorry state of affairs where WP8 is concerned.


It’s been some time since our last post on the #OurABCToo campaign. 5 months next week to be exact. Five months of soul-destroying indifference, lack of professionalism and simple rudeness by the ABC in regards to our inquiries on this matter.

Despite the collaborative, pro-active and considered initial attempts to engage and obtain feedback from the ABC on the matter of Windows Phone 8 Apps, even basic IE web compatibility for major ABC services, it took escalating levels of drastic action to even begin to see some action on this by the ABC in March 2014.

Following weeks and months of frustration, it appears we are finally on the cusp of some actual real, two-way dialogue with them on these issues.

Read on for more – and what you can do to help.

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Nokia Care release Software Recovery Tool for Lumia devices.


Nokia make great smartphones. The proof is in the pudding, with most web statistics and analysts consistently estimating that Lumia devices comprise greater than 90% of all Windows Phone sales and devices in use. However even the best OEM’s, with the best OS have the odd device which develops problems or becomes bricked.

It appears that Nokia have recently quietly taken the step of making available their Nokia Care Software Recovery Tool application to their user community, allowing users to try and get their devices operable in even the most serious cases without the need of shipping it back to a Nokia Care centre.

Proceed with caution.

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WPDU App removed from the marketplace…until further notice.


Just a quick note to say that the WPDU App has been removed from the marketplace as our site graphic (made many months before the Microsoft logo re-brand) was served a (c) infringement notice by Microsoft. Not having the BSkyB UK lawyers handy working pro bono, we need to work with Handiware to adjust the logo before the app can be made available again.


A Tale of Two Government departments. Part 1: Fire Ready….or Not.


Hey folks. It has been a while. It’s probably timely (or would have been a couple of months ago) to mention that if you haven’t connected to our Twitter Account or Facebook page – which remains active, topical and engaging on all things Windows Phone, Xbox, Windows 8, Nokia and more Down Under – then I strongly recommend you click the links and join the discussions there!

Despite the lack of recent updates, we have remained active – engaging Nokia, MS – and most importantly key Australian companies and Government departments on their stance on supporting the Windows Phone platform in Australia via Apps, mobile-browser support, advertising and more. Overall 2013 was an extremely positive one for key App launches (and equality) for Windows Phone as Paul Thurrott wrote.

Down Under, the app section on Windows Phone continuing to fare the worst – and by a long way – is that of official Government Department or Services Apps. And just recently we lost one of the few Apps which was available, that of the Victorian FireReady App.

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