New MSAU Aussie Win 10 UWP Dev Training Camps.


It’s been a while since we shared a new WINDEV Training Camp from the local Aussie DPE team at MSAU. So, here it is. Lucky Melbourne and Sydneysiders will have the chance to attend a full day introduction into coding UWP – Universal Windows Platform Apps for Windows 10. Check our post for links and details.

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An update on iView and ourABC


It’s been a while since we shared an update on our ongoing engagement with ourABC on behalf of┬áthe MS device community Down Under. Whilst the blog updates may be few and far between, we continue to keep an open dialogue with the innovation and iView teams at the ABC. As we approach Xmas, it’s probably an appropriate time to face the forthcoming new year with a renewed sense of optimism and hope. There might even (finally) be something wrapped up under the tree for us this year.

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