Is this APPgate? Is Microsoft contracting out its Windows App volume targets in the US?

New PC sales have continued their significant decline through 2013. All the growth trends highlight the shift to mobile devices, with smartphones and tablets now entrenched as the emerging holy grail for manufacturers and OS makers. Microsoft entered the modern smartphone market late compared … Continue reading

New Aussie Job posting at MS: Global Win8 App Experience Manager.

The future of Windows 8 and the path Microsoft are clearly taking their OS down is all about Apps and User Experience. We can expect more integration and continual investment by Microsoft towards delivering this combination, rather than just relying on third parties … Continue reading

This is just too cool. Travel Overseas? Then watch this now!

This is just awesome! From the Bing Translate team – the official Windows Phone Translate App. THIS is amazing technology, truly making the everyday easier. Whether its live camera-capture text recognition, voice translation or keyboard conversions – this WP7 App would … Continue reading