Buyer Prepare. A cautionary comment on Windows Tablets/2-in-1’s

Microsoft Surface is leading a resurgence in popular tablet and 2-in-1 windows device sales. The tablet to replace a laptop IS a fantastic device, whether it lives up to it’s marketing positioning or not. And with Windows 10 improving on nearly … Continue reading

An update on iView and ourABC

It’s been a while since we shared an update on our ongoing engagement with ourABC on behalf of the MS device community Down Under. Whilst the blog updates may be few and far between, we continue to keep an open dialogue … Continue reading

ABC debuts first ever modern Windows App – for Surface and Win8.1 Tablets

Only a few months ago, ABC Australia – yes the ABC we have been holding to account over their continued lack of Windows Phone support – released a new Tablet-only News and Current Affairs + Light entertainment App; The Brief. … Continue reading