It’s a Sad, Sad, situation….WP7 Updates

Well Microsoft has launched a new Windows Phone Update Portal, collecting all the links to their various information sites detailing support and news for their update process for the Windows Phone 7 OS.

Image (C) Microsoft.  SOURCE: HERE

The page, and the continuing “damage control” weekly update statements from MS seem to echo the chorus of a late 70’s Elton John Lyric:

“It’s sad, its so sad
It’s a sad, sad situation
And it’s getting more and more absurd
It’s sad, so sad
Why can’t we talk it over
*Oh, it seems to me
That sorry seems to be the hardest word”

Well Microsoft has said sorry.  The Windows Phone Blog has said sorry – Hell even Joe Belfiore has said sorry.  It doesn’t change the fact that in Australia (premier partner) Telstra has not passed NoDo for distribution to it’s mainstay handset, the HTC Mozart.  In the US, what is probably the most popular (sales volume) WP7 handset in the world, the Samsung Focus – has yet to receive any update approved by ATT (premium partner also).

As far as both of these carriers are concerned;

  • Neither has any ETA for it’s customers for the above handsets for NoDo.
  • Both have kept silent and refused to publicly comment for the most of 2011 on WP7 updates.
  • Telstra (following my feedback idea) have recently added a smartphone update page – however provide no details on issues testing for the Mozart – and seem to be suggesting that they were not even getting a Nodo Test Rom until some time in April from MS!
  • Telstra is even selling the WP7 HTC HD7 NOW out-of-the-box with NoDo.

The situation has now become one of  – the content of the update; the actual improvements, features etc are now almost irrelevant to the fiasco that is Microsoft’s premium partner’s handling of their part of the update process.

So Microsoft are sorry.  For ATT and Telstra – Sorry, sadly, does seem to be the hardest word.


  • Another good one! Sadly 🙁 (for us WP7 users).

    Will MS ever be able to sack the requirement for carriers to test the OS updates, or are they stuck with it for good do you think?

  • As far as I see it, MS are in a Catch-22 situation. They need the Carrier’s to help generate enough sales push to boost their market share to a point where the brand and MS Marketing can continue the impetus without the reliance of the Carriers.

    When there is a strong platform and stimulated demand for the MS product, Carriers will hardly knock back sales revenue and cutomers. This is why carriers put up with the Apple direct (carrier bypass) of OS updates. Heck they love new iOS updates forcing phone upgrades for better, newer hardware from Apple (with the flow oncontract extensions).

    It will all depend on what legal contracts were entered into by what parties and for how long.