Exclusive: HTC Titan II 4G Telstra pricing and FIRM(?) release finally!

After what appears to have been weeks of delays, it appears that information can now finally be confirmed on Telstra’s 4G Windows Phone launch of the HTC Titan II. Whilst the media this week has been focused on the local launch of Nokia’s flagship Lumia 900 and entry-level Lumia 610, the prior Telstra advertised ETA of “early May” has passed us all by with no news. Following a reader tip-off earlier today, WPDownUnder can now confirm the ETA retail supply dates and FIRM contract pricing for what will be Australia’s only 4G Windows Phone.

The latest inside information from Telstra suggests a schedule availability on contract in-store from the 29th May (a week later than our last ETA). Whilst some speculation attributed to Telstra sources has put this as late as June 12th, this may in-fact just be the normal 1-2 weeks for it to roll out to all stores and retail partners from launch. Selected stores apparently received Demo units up to a month ago – so whether there has been a supply issue from HTC or just a change in Telstra’s commercial release window, we shall never know. It is important to note that no public statement has been released by Telstra on launch dates, except for their advert above. Given this stated “Early May” – my bet is they will want to at least go public this month (and offer online sales from the 29th).

As to pricing, the following is what we have had unofficial confirmation of (we are 100% confident on this info based on documents we have sighted being accurate at time of viewing). Details were: “HTC Titan 4G introduced at $20/month on the $49 plan, $10/month on the $59 plan & $0 on the $79, $99 & $129 plans” – WPDownUnder has represented this below on the standard Telstra contract plans (our mockup):

HTC TITAN 4G TELSTRA PLANS – based off insider tip-off. 

Whilst outright pricing wasn’t available, WPDownUnder anticipates that this will land around the higher-end of our earlier prediction range of $750-$850. Being 4G – with Telstra literally streets ahead in their capital city coverage in this new network over their rivals – we anticipate that there will be little price pressure on outright pricing (contrast for instance the Lumia 800). With this sort of value on the hardware, a plan may well deliver the best outcome for subsidising the handset cost. As an interesting side note, at the same time that Telstra release this new 4G unit, WPDownUnder also believes the Samsung Galaxy SII 4G will drop back from the same $59 + $10 MRO handset payment to just the $59 base plan.

With many Windows Phone Aussie enthusiasts disappointed over Telstra’s decision not to range the Lumia 900 at launch in Australia (Optus have it exclusively as we predicted) – then on contract pricing is your only HSPA+/4G option in Australia for the Titan 4G. The Titan 4G will work theoretically at HSPA+ connections outside 4G coverage, similar to the Lumia 900, but is likely to be 850Mhz only for WCDMA 3G/HSPA+ – ruling out high-speed/3G use on Optus or Virgin, whereas the Lumia 900 will be tri-band WCDMA 3G – and if brought over to Telstra on a BYO plan should also be theoretically capable of HSPA+ with them.

Is the HTC Titan 4G enough to sign you up to Windows Phone? Will you upgrade for the bigger screen, bigger camera etc? Let us know what you think 🙂 Thanks again to our readers for the insightful and appreciated tip-offs!


PS – Here’s a video comparison of the (US) HTC Titan II 4G and the Lumia 900 (US 4G vs AU HSPA+) from our friends over at wpcentral!


  • Keifwoki

    Yep!! Been hanging for it!! Just gotta make sure its still going to fit in my HTC car mount, and my HTC dock and im sold 😀
    such good quality accessories, can’t let them go to waste….. Am open to modifications to make it happen though 😀

    • WP Accessories have been amazingly light-on since launch….maybe cause they have been such modest delling units.

      • Keifwoki

        Yeah true, had to get mine in from the UK at a premium price but both the dock and the car cradle are the best quality accessories I have ever owned! I do alot of off road work in a truck and nothing has ever come close to being able to hold my techie toys still, until now. I have a lumia 800 at present as well, it does take a little while to feel the quality in the handset itself but on comparison with my titan the lumia has much better reception (WiFi Bluetooth, the lot) the screen is much, much better as well. Camera is far behind the titan tho…. It was hard for me to choose between the 900 and the t2…. looks like Telstra may have made my mind up for me on this one :/ btw… I think the titan 2 has a plastic back? Which may solve some reception issues? …. Am I right sheeds?

        • I hope to have a review unit soon so I can verify if the back is plastic 😀 Telstra have the Lumia 800 blue ticked, which I think is a “C” on reception quality (best). The Titan 4G is a “B” – so not as good.

          • Keifwoki

            Thanks for the info on the classes sheeds, its something I will keep in mind from now on. Athough I couldn’t help myself, rushed out yesterday morning and picked one up from the Telstra shop, very happy with the device so far. Reception does seem slightly better than the Titan 1, not a great deal though…
            I’m heading ‘out bush’ later on tonight so ill have a better idea then. Sales person informed me that they had sold quite quickly and there was only one device left in store (at 11:00am). They wouldn’t part with the actual sales numbers but on departure she stated “It is a nice phone… might be time to upgrade my iphone I think”.
            I had a little chuckle… and left her with that thought. ☺

  • Narna

    Too late Telstra, I’ve ordered an import HTC Titan (non 4G) already. Here in Tassie 4G coverage is VERY limited so isn’t enough of an advantage. Also a strategy of pre-announce and then ever extending silence is infuriatingly bad customer service. Good thing you’re here to keep us happy Sheeds 🙂
    Oh and I dont like the Lumia, feels plasticy and odd in my hand. Maybe I’m just old school.

    • Frustrating wait I realise. I wonder how many others have gone the import path….?

    • Hey Narn, enjoy the titan it is an amazing phone but get a case on it right away. The aluminium back is easily scratched to show the silver under the black.

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  • kalval

    Probably, I’m now quite torn though. Having just installed the consumer preview of windows 8 on my pc I can see a load of potential features that could appear in WP8 (which is now only ~5 months away). However my omnia 7’s battery life is not living up to my usage any more. I may just have to bite the bullet and hope wp7 gets the big update.

    • The whole WP8 questionmark is a biggie. We shall probably know in ~3-4 weeks (June MS may well confirm plans).

  • I’ve been attracted to the larger screen and higher resolution camera of the HTC Titan II for some time. More recently, however, I’ve been persuaded by what seems a majority of reviewers favouring the more attracitve design, better contrast AMOLED display, and more realistic physical size (in terms of comfort and pixel density) of the Nokia Lumia 900. Telstra not caryying the Nokia Lumia 900 is a huge disappointment – but I guess it makes sense if HTC have been silly enough to release the HSPA+ rather than the LTE version of their flagship phone in Australia. Here in Australia we only have one LTE 4G carrier (quite apart form coverage considerations) in Telstra. While there have been many reasons why Windows Phone enthusiasts in Austalia have been watching these two phones with great interest for some time, I think that at the end of the day they are so closely matched in so many respects that 4G capability will become the over-riding attraction. I will be quite happy to put up with the slightly lower quality display of the HTC Titan II display to get the 4G capability on Telstra’s network, and get a larger display and higher resolution camera aspart of the bargain.
    Mark Reynolds
    Mark Reynolds IT Consulting

    • I think the Lumia 900 being HSPA+ probably owes to the unique (I think) Freq. band for 4G in Australia (currently 1800Mhz). When analogue TV switches off across Australia, and more spectrum is available for telecommunications, I think then we will have better alignment of Freq. with North America. As it is, neither US or Canada use 1800 4G/LTE – so a unique Lumia 900 hardware model just for 4G in Australia was probably not worth it…

    • If you get 4G coverage on Telstra, I think it would be great to side-step some of the peak capital city 3G congestion! Thanks for your contribution Mark.

  • Kaze

    Got to buy a Telstra titan 4g awesome phone. My wife is using the lumia 900. The lumia has better battery life. But the titan feels better typing. We got the Canadian lumia so internet sharing is nogo they lock theirs but it connects to nextg.

    • I can’t wait to try one out! 😀