Where’s my Update US

Microsoft may have chosen to stop managing the “Where’s my update” page – which was keeping public pressure on Carriers and some transparency in the process.  However, WPDownUnder wants to help keep the Carriers honest and WP7 owners informed.

And so….we are happy to launch the “WPDownUnder: Where’s my Freakin’ Update” US page!

*Note from past experience – Unlocked AND Unbranded (aka global phones – not tied to a Carrier ROM) can take anywhere from the same day as the MS release to 2-3 weeks for staged rollout depending on device and location.

This page sets out to be your one stop shop for viewing United States Telco information re: Windows Phone - from retail handsets on offer, to updates and also for your feedback.

Update/Info.ATTSprintT-MobileVerizonUS Cellular
Carrier Update Webpage:
WP Update History
ATT Learning Centre

(cannot see a speciifc software update page!)
HTC Arrive Sprint ForumsTMobile WP Fourms

(cannot see a speciifc software update page!)
Trophy Update SupportSupport - Updates
Update Status
SEP 2011

"What's New"
"Mango" WP7.5
major Update
Update Status
17th NOV 2011

Email & voice mail bug fixes.
Not Deployed.Not Deployed.Not Deployed.
(Varying reports)
See next update.
Not Deployed.Skipped to 8107
Update Status
7th JAN 2012

Email, Messagebank, Keyboard & other bug fixes -
including Security & Location.
ATT confirm they
will NOT deploy.

Not Deployed.
Deployed to Radar.

Now Deploying to HD7
(tnx @lancewmccarthy)

Bugfixes: Improvements to proximity sensor, Arizona time zone not updating is resolved, Gmail contact sync improvements, Visual voicemail error resolved +
Microsoft security fix

Thanks Bruce Jacobson - April '12 deployed.
Tethering Support/
Internet Sharing

GEN2 Devices
Only. Requires
ATT to enable.
NoHTC HD7 - confirmed.
Radar now confirmed.
Lumia 710 awaiting OEM software update to enable.
(Thanks Brandon for confirming this!)
No (WP7) Yes (WMobile-old)

Visual Voicemail

MS Info
NoNoVarying Reports.
HTC HD7 - confirmed.
Handsets for sale
G1 = Generation1
G2 = Generation2

MS US Where to Buy
HTC HD7S (G1), Samsung Focus (G1), Samsung Focus Flash (G2), Samsung Focus S (G2), HTC Titan(G2)


Also Coming Soon
Nokia Lumia800 (G2), HTC Titan II (G2).
HTC Arrive (G1)

HTC Radar (G2), Nokia Lumia 710 (G2).

HTC Trophy (G1)

HTC 7 Pro (G1)

Handsets EOL
(End-of-Life eg not for sale online any longer)
Focus (for updates Read This ), LG Quantum, HTC Surround, NilHTC HD7NilNil
WP7 Gen2 Handsets
Announced & ETA
3 devices (see above)0 devices.2 devices (see above)0 devices.0 devices.
Support Contacts
Twitter handles.
Wireless Support (Web)

Device Support Home

Windows Device Support

HTC Trophy


Where to watch for their WP7 news?

US: MS WP Blog

Aus: Aus WP Blog
Blog/Website links to comeNews RoomBlog/Website links to comeBlog/Website links to comePress Room
Forum Thread
for each Carrier

MS/OEM General Update Forum
WPDownUnder Forum on US CarriersWPDownUnder Forum on US CarriersWPDownUnder Forum on US CarriersWPDownUnder Forum on US CarriersWPDownUnder Forum on US Carriers
WPDownUnder "Where's my Update" threads in each US Carrier's Community Forums for discussion with carrier's customers.ATT Deleted my posts, refusing to link to this resource.HEREHERE

Also one in each device sub-forum.
HERECan't see any US Cellular Forums.




This month, Microsoft announced they are halting further updates to the public “Where’s my Update” page.  It’s a huge blow for transparency and public pressure on Carrier Partner’s support of Windows Phone via available upated.

Source: MS WP7 Blog (LINK)

WPDownUnder hopes this page/small effort can go some of the way to filling the void – and be a focal point for the US WP7 community (you are the next largest country for my site readers after Aus).  Let’s keep public pressure on AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon etc.

Please let me know of errors/feedback for this page (or any news readers may have). The very last row in the the table links to the forums here – where you can add topics/issues/posts on each carrier or Microsoft and the OEM’s for devices here!

As I am an Aussie, live in Melbourne and have never not yet got over to your amazing country – I will need your help to keep this up to date – so please Twitter follow me @WP_DownUnder or email me HERE. Tnx! 😀

Thanks all.

Sheeds 19/1/2012.

NEW: Please use this Contact Page to send me any news on US Windows Phone Updates! Thanks 🙂



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  • Also – I own a Samsung Focus (branded to ATT) being used here DownUnder – so I have a vested interest in monitoring the Update support of US Carriers for WP7!

    • T Mobile is pretty decent with updates usually.

      • Couldn’t be much worse than ATT lol

    • What network do you use it on? I am visting Australia and have a carrier unlocked focus…I think it will work on Telstra?

  • This table will be trickier than the Australian one, BECAUSE, AT&T don’t update all their models of Windows Phones at the same time like Telstra do here =/

    Glad you’re doing this 😀

    • Cheers 🙂 I will have to rely on some kind US people to keep dropping me lines / watch Twitter for reports.

      • Oh & A Couple Of Other Phones To Add To Your List.

        HTC Surround (G1)
        LG Quantum (G1)

        HTC HD7 (G1) Same As Our HD7, Different From HD7S On AT&T

        –US Cellular (Tiny Little MVNO Carrier)–
        HTC 7 Pro (G1) (Same Phone As Sprint HTC Arrive, Different Name)

        • Tnx – some of those are covered in the handsets EOL (end of life) section – since the Carriers no longer offer them for sale on their websites! Looking at the others now.

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  • sumorabbit

    I wish I could help, but I used the registry trick to update my phone. I have a Samsung Focus, AT&T, v1.3. I unlocked it and installed the dev tools so I could manipulate the registry. There are instructions on XDA on what to change the registry to in order to trick Zune in to thinking it’s an LG carried by Vodafone. That queued the update up on the first try. I then reverted my registry back to it’s Samsung Focus defaults, and clicked update. Works like a charm.

    That’s completely irrelevant to the page though. What I DO have to offer is the summary of my live AT&T chat session. Verified by….well, no one but the word of a tech support employee and her manager. AT&T has received the 8107 Update for their LTE handsets, but as of 1/17/12, they had not received the update from Microsoft for older phones. So, long story short, AT&T possesses the 8107 app for their LTE phones, I don’t know if they’ve started rolling that out or if it’s still testing. AT&T has not, and can not release the 8107 because Microsoft literally hasn’t given it to them yet. Not even for testing. That info was current as of two days ago, the 17th of January. If anything’s changed since, being updated via reg hack leaves me oblivious to it, so correct/update my post if I’m incorrect.

    • Thanks for the heads-up!

  • Temp

    T-Mobile has visual voice on most if not all of there phones after mango.

    • So can you please confirm specifically if the HD7/Radar or Lukmias they sell offer Visual Voice Mail now? TY 🙂

      • Temp

        I did play with the feature on the store model of a hd7 when mango first pushed.

        The HTC radar store model had it when I played with it.

        I haven’t made my way into a store just yet to play with the Nokia Lumia 710 but checking on there web site the 710 has visual voicemail listed on the features list.

        I have no idea if the Dell Venue Pro got it or not.