Ok ABC. It’s time. The closed shop model is just no longer working.


In 2015, our beloved ABC has been battered from pillar to post. At the hands of the conservative right, under Abbott, and their long-held desire to clear the decks of the hotbed of leftist bias they believe the ABC harbours, the ABC has had it’s budgets cut, consequently seen staff made redundant, it’s editorial objectivity challenged and it’s MD in front of senate estimates committees to defend his management and organisation’s objectivity. Any way you look at it, it’s been a pretty tough year. Before we get all soft and teary eyed in their support however, we must also note that it is #OurABC which has failed to deliver a single Windows Phone App – and not officially brought it’s market-leading iView service to any app platform in the Microsoft ecosystem. Well now it’s time for change at the ABC – and that change may even bring us closer, finally, to a fair an un-blinkered approach to app development for non ios/android devices.

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Aussie Windows Phone Dev Kickstarter wants your help!


Long-time Windows Phone supporter and proud Aussie Dev Shantek Studios needs your help. Do you like card games. Do you like 3D Unity based gfx in your games on Windows Phone? Can you just not get enough Canasta in your life? Then this kickstarter is for you. Why not take a moment to check it out and support a local dev who has supported #WP8AU since before it had the 8 in it!

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An Aussie perspective on MS “taking control” of WM10 direct OS updates…


We all know the story. Phone OS updates. We seem to be forever beholden to the whim of carriers as to when we get them, or if we even get them at all. Here in Australia, we have in all honesty fared better than other markets – I’m looking at you US! So what does the future hold in this area? Those of you in the Insiders preview program (of beta OS deployments) have been seeing updates direct from Microsoft. Is this what we can all expect once we are on Windows Mobile 10? Well a word of caution….it may not be that easy based on past experience. Don’t reach for that spoon until you and your soup are out the shop door!

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