Exclusive: Nokia Lumia 1020 coming to Harvey Norman. Pre-order now!


In more Lumia 1020 news, WPDU can now confirm that the Lumia 1020 has popped up in Harvey Norman’s system. This means that you can place pre-orders for them NOW! As for pricing….

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Telstra set to range the Lumia 1020 Down Under….soon!


Whilst the picture above is a WPDU mock-up, there is good news for Lumia fans and all Smartphone Camera aficionados!  The best-in-breed camera phone available on any platform around the world today, the Nokia Lumia 1020, is making its way Down Under. Sources have confirmed to us that at least one major carrier will be ranging this device in Australia – and that carrier is Telstra. When I hear you ask? Well we can only make an educated guess…

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Guest Post: The Teacher Collection – Windows 8 apps for Teachers available now!


Hi! My name is Lucas and I’m the guy that built the Teacher Collection for Windows 8 and Windows RT. Sheeds has been nice enough to let me in to talk about some of my apps and what I do and my most recent app Markbook.

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Updated: Nokia Australia DID NOT just tease us all with their Lumia 1020 launch date!


The Lumia 1020 has to be the hottest piece of innovative camera technology in the world right now. Until today, with domestic launches of the Lumia 925 and imminent 625 handsets, Nokia Australia has been coy over the much anticipated local release of this Windows Phone “wunderphone”. Until today. Here at WPDU you can rely on us to dig deep for the story. Now we can exclusively piece together the likely meaning behind Nokia Australia’s mysterious teaser today on their Facebook page – and report the expected AU launch date!

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Microsoft REALLY want you to upgrade your home to Xbox One(s)


As the Xbox One launch inches closer, more and more details have been released by Microsoft in their strategic ‘step-by-step’ staggered marketing campaign. From unboxing video’s of the new “Day 1″ edition console, tech information on GPU optimisations to squeeze more computational power from the console to specific info on the accompanying services, the pace of official information on this next generation release is definitely picking up.

However amongst this focus on the latest and greatest device…where will Xbox 360 user’s land following the release of the Xbox One? Well that too seems to have been made clearer from Microsoft’s perspective with developments today.

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