A Nokia Lumia Retail Safari…into the wilds of Frankston! #wp7au Update

So March 13th has arrived and the last Australian Telco to go live with the Nokia Lumia launch, Telstra, has finally flicked the switch! WPDownUnder hit the streets of Frankston this morning to undertake a quick retail check-up on how things were going for Windows Phone with the Lumia launch.  What feedback did we have from sellers? How was it being represented? What was the all important “vibe” out there…

So here’s what we found…along with some updated editorial musings on the Lumia launch – and an exclusive tip-off that I know many of you are going to want to see. So let’s get to it, here’s our March Retail check-in on Windows Phone and the Nokia Lumia Australian launch. Come along for the ride!

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#SmokedByWindowsPhone Screensaver for fun – or Point-of-sale in Retail.

The #SmokedbyWindowsPhone campaign just keeps on picking up pace. Featuring @BenThePCGuy from Microsoft – it’s a paradigm changing advertising campaign featuring the Windows Phone 7 mobile OS in real-life use taking on…and sending packing the best the other mobile platforms have to offer. Whether it’s snapping the moment and uploading to social media, posting a status update to your network, sharing to the cloud or just finding a nearby restaurant and getting directions, Windows Phone smokes them all. So how can you make the most of this great campaign? Are you working in retail? Would you like a display loop for your Windows Phone in-store promotional use? Well WPDownUnder has delivered for you.


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Updated: Cheapest ever BNIB Aussie retail Windows Phone. Be quick bargain hunters!

Australia’s premiere Daily Deals site is about to launch THE BEST deal for anyone wanting to get their hands on a Windows Phone 7 handset EVER seen in this country. The device? A very solid Gen1 performer with the bonus of DLNA & Internet Sharing; The LG Optimus 7 or E900 is the device – the catch, it’s a 900band 3G unlocked device – so it’s optimised for Optus or Virgin networks here. This means it will not support Telstra NextG or Vodafone new 3G networks, although it is offered unlocked from the Optus/Virgin network so you can choose which of the two you wish to use it on.

And the price….well you are just going to have to keep reading, but you could buy TWO of these devices for less than the RRP of the new Lumia 710!

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