Doodle Jump for WP – Week 2 “Must Have Games” Out Now!

Live in the Marketplace this week is the new release for Windows Phone of “Doodle Jump”.  First released for ifruit in 2009, and then Android and Symbian in 2010, it is the second release in the current “Must have” games promotion by Microsoft and XBOX Live on WP7.

The first youtube look and quick compare to the iOS version is out….

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WP7 Developer Interview; Gary B. creator of Weather and Surf Australia: Part 1.

Further to the review of this APP at Sheeds’ Blog (HERE), I was lucky enough to have Gary answer some questions regarding his APP, Windows Phone and being a Developer for this new OS.  Here in part 1, we focus more on the App and its development.  Part 2 this week will look more at Windows Phone in general – and developing for this OS…

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Windows Phone 7 beefed-up Aussie site coming soon from MS

In an exclusive sourced today from Microsoft Australia, Sheeds’ Blog has received twitter confirmation that;

* A new MS Aussie WP7 blog/site is being launched in coming weeks, based on or similar to the US windowsteamblog site (hosting the WP and WPDev Blogs)

* Also covering other cool MS hardware, news and consumer information (and hopefully DEV;s as well!)

The Tweets from MSAU:

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App Review; Sun, Surf and not a hint of the Beach Boys!

Continuing my reviews of Aussie Developer’s Apps for Windows Phone, I was pleased to review a recent App added to the marketplace in 2011:  Weather and Surf AU.  As the title suggests, this App caters for a distinctly Aussie Beach Lifestyle, with both Surf and Marine reports on top of the regular BOM weather data.

So grab your board, pack yourselves into the panel van, tune the radio into EON FM and get ready to head for Bells.  Well maybe not, as Smartphones didn’t exactly exist in Melbourne circa 1979 – however if they had of, then this App would have been sure to result in a lot more people cutting in on that perfect swell you had been lucky enough to stumble upon!

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