Video: First Nokia Lumia spotted in Aussie store by WPDownUnder

Prior to all the advised launch dates (ranging from February 29 to March 13) – WPDownUnder managed to spot a Nokia Lumia 800 on display at a nearby Frankston TeleChoice store. We will write-up a more detailed blog post shortly, but in the meantime – here’s our video of the Demo reel for the device whilst on-display.

Easily the best yet so far on any device we have sighted.

More interesting (and exclusive) news on the Nokia Lumia Retail launch coming shortly!

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Nokia Australia confirm Lumia Tethering update is….getting closer.

With Nokia’s new Lumia handsets now for sale in Australia (pre-orders and already in some stores from today) – now was a good time to check in with Nokia Australia on the status of “Tethering” or Internet Connection Sharing (ICS). Since the EU launch last year of the (900 network band) Lumia handsets, one of the main questions marks on the device was that it shipped without ICS included in the OS. This is not unusual – as ICS was not included in the initial Mango OS release by Microsoft. The feature had not been finalised with all OEM’s at the time, so rather than push back the Mango update release timetable, it was instead left out, and added via subsequent OEM updates pushed by Microsoft.

So what was Nokia Australia’s response to our questions…..?

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New Telstra Consumer catalogue features Windows Phone. Yay!

Last month, the Telstra monthly consumer catalogue, Let’s Connect(tm) featured 5 out of 6 of the Freedom Connect mobile phone options as Android units. With both WPDownUnder’s late JAN public launch of the Samsung Omnia W for Telstra, and with stock taking up to another 2 weeks to make it to most stores – it made commercial sense not to have the unit featured in this consumer promotion by Telstra. The latest edition. issue #07 is out tomorrow – and WPDownUnder is happy to report that the Samsung Omnia W is indeed featured.

This marks the first Telstra promotion of a Windows Phone handset for many months. Let’s hope that the overall profile of Windows Phone gets a lift with Nokia’s launch and <expected> media blitz. The Samsung Omnia is really a little “Pocket Rocket” of a device – and deserves to be checked out.

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