Chris Walsh and Rafael Rivera Talk Mango for Dev’s

Here’s something worth grabbing and putting onto your WP or MP3 player.  This weeks Windows Phone Developer Podcast from the Lowdermilk brothers is now up on their WP Dev website.  Special guests this week are Chris Walsh and Rafael Rivera (of Chevron fame) in a wide-ranging discussion on new Mango features for Dev’s.  With limited Podcast access via Zune for Aussies, it might be easier for you to hit up their website. Links inside.

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Great online App Magazine by WindowsPhoneUK

Microsoft and Windows Phone UK have just released a fantastic online Digital App guide to WP7.

The guide features a whole swag of information about Windows Phone – from Introductions, Apps by grouped types, Social Life Features, FAQ’s and a heap of other info.  Print copies are available (or coming soon) in the UK.  In the meantime the digital version is included here (and the source linked) for your viewing pleasure Down Under.

(I couldn’t see any Aussie Apps/Games or icons in there I’m afraid).

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More info released by MS on Mango and Web-based marketplace…

MICROSOFT has just posted a new official Blog post showing a screenshot and providing some basic details on the new web-based marketplace coming soon.

The new Web Marketplace is slated for launch “later this year” – possible around the Mango RTM – although no specific timings were provided.  Todd Brix of MS touches on some of the key aspects to this new Marketplace, including opportunities for increased promotion and feature-status it will offer, better search and cut and dice with BING Visual search and some other key features.



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Open Plea to Microsoft on Mango release outside US…

Microsoft, I am writing this post as an open plea to you prior to the FALL/AUTUMN US release of the Mango 7.5 Windows Phone Update to the world.

As most of us know, There were a number of features and functions in the initial Windows Phone 7 release that did not make their way to regions outside the US.  Already, signs are that there will also be new Mango release functions that Aussie’s and other market regions are going to not have access to…Pretty disappointing.

Read inside my open plea to Microsoft to treat us like the grown up customers and supporters that we are…

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