Morning cup of LOL: WP7 Nokia-Bing Dubstep Screensaver

Ok. Here’s a bit of fun. Having recently purchased a screen saver creator App, we are making my first effort at playing with it available to WPDownUnder readers. Whilst it’s nothing to write home about or get too excited over, we did re-sample video, splice in some images, mix in some audio and the roll with some credits and (c) information to make sure we don’t get in any trouble. The result? The first Windows Phone, Nokia, Bing Dubstep screen saver for your PC or Win8 Tablet.

Check it out – and install it on your friends or work PC’s to drive them mad!

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Exclusive: Aussie Nokia Lumia Buyers Guide: Plans & Outright Sale.

Here’s my 1 page-post summary of the Nokia Lumia Retail Buying guides….from Carrier Plans to Outright Sales. Rather than go back and view all the indvidiual posts, bookmark this page as the glance-and-go resource you need to plan that new Nokia Lumia Windows Phone purchase! Please let us know via comments any changes or updates we need to make. Not all the carrier plans are listed, just the entry points with no extra MRO or handset payment above the plan.

Happy Shopping!

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Retail News: TeleChoice & Allphones Nokia Lumia info!

Today is a day of riches, as far as Nokia Lumia information goes! With all the Carrier/Telco offerings now confirmed by WPDownUnder – let’s touch base on some more retailers/re-sellers in Nokia’s channel: TeleChoice and Allphones (we have already covered off Harvey Norman and Dick Smith in some detail). WPDownUnder hasn’t had a chance to grab the latest Allphones catalogue – but we have all the plan details and outright pricing right here for you! Added to that – just wait till you see the absolute all-guns-blazing approach TeleChoice have taken with the Nokia Lumia Windows Phone range 😀

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