New Aussie Job posting at MS: Global Win8 App Experience Manager.

The future of Windows 8 and the path Microsoft are clearly taking their OS down is all about Apps and User Experience. We can expect more integration and continual investment by Microsoft towards delivering this combination, rather than just relying on third parties … Continue reading

Aussie Exclusive: Windows 8 launch set to be accompanied by wave of major Aussie “Big Name” App releases.

Here at WPDownUnder we have spent much time since the initial 2010 launch of Windows Phone discussing the sparing support the platform has had from big business and government in Australia. Almost 2 years since launch, there are pretty much … Continue reading

Exclusive: Windows RT – Down Under first news on Microsoft Surface RT surfaces!

Microsoft’s most anticipated hardware venture of all time launches next month in the US. Set to underpin its new Windows RT software release and set a high benchmark for their own OEM hardware partners (something Windows Phone lacked until Nokia’s arrival) … Continue reading

Exclusive: Surface to be a Microsoft only retail offering Down Under?

The Microsoft Surface tablet-PC’s announced a short while ago are a huge development against the backdrop of the traditional go-to-market strategy for Microsoft and Windows. Whilst Microsoft’s earlier forays into hardware have had (at best) mixed results – Xbox 360 aside, it … Continue reading