New Aussie Job posting at MS: Global Win8 App Experience Manager.

The future of Windows 8 and the path Microsoft are clearly taking their OS down is all about Apps and User Experience. We can expect more integration and continual investment by Microsoft towards delivering this combination, rather than just relying on third parties … Continue reading

Now there’s a first! Dedicated Windows Phone Australian marketing role advertised by Microsoft.

Further to my recent article analysing the lack of any Australian Windows Phone roles being resourced-up by Microsoft vs. other global markets, WPDownUnder can now confirm a Marcomms role is currently advertised for WP7 here in Australia!  Based out of … Continue reading

Some analysis on Windows Phone jobs at Microsoft.

Being, let’s just say, “in-between gainful employment” at present (this blog doesn’t count!), I have been perusing a number of different job listing resources.  As a Windows Phone blogger, it was only natural that Microsoft was amongst those in my … Continue reading