A bricked Surface leads to an Aussie Microsoft warranty experience.

A few weeks ago our much-loved Surface RT tablet died. Suddenly and irreparably it failed mid-use. There was not even the fresh-faced 🙁 BSOD screen to warn us of something going awry. After we got over our initial disappointment we had the … Continue reading

New Aussie Job posting at MS: Global Win8 App Experience Manager.

The future of Windows 8 and the path Microsoft are clearly taking their OS down is all about Apps and User Experience. We can expect more integration and continual investment by Microsoft towards delivering this combination, rather than just relying on third parties … Continue reading

Regional MS WP8 feature limitations strike Down Under again…but perhaps not for long!

As any early Windows Phone 7.x adopter will know, regional feature limitations have been a bugbear on the Windows Phone platform. Whether it’s Local Scout, voice control, podcast management, Zune Pass or any other of the many services/platform features of the Windows Phone ecosystem – … Continue reading