A Nokia Lumia Retail Safari…into the wilds of Frankston! #wp7au Update

So March 13th has arrived and the last Australian Telco to go live with the Nokia Lumia launch, Telstra, has finally flicked the switch! WPDownUnder hit the streets of Frankston this morning to undertake a quick retail check-up on how things … Continue reading

Nokia Australia confirm Lumia Tethering update is….getting closer.

With Nokia’s new Lumia handsets now for sale in Australia (pre-orders and already in some stores from today) – now was a good time to check in with Nokia Australia on the status of “Tethering” or Internet Connection Sharing (ICS). Since the EU … Continue reading

ATT have no plans to bring Tethering update to the Samsung Focus.

To be a genuine Tier 1 smartphone, any handset these days needs to offer Tethering or Wi-Fi Hotspot/Internet sharing. This key feature allows your carrier network-connected mobile phone to re-broadcast its network signal in a small radius, sharing the network … Continue reading