UPDATED. DataSense: We help make sense of where you stand and setup a resource to report when you should have it.

Back in 2012 one of the “new features” promoted as coming with Windows Phone 8 was DataSense. This set of Phone Features and services was created to assist users with managing the tricky (and often costly) usage tracking of mobile … Continue reading

So WPAU, what’s been going on lately?

Hey folks. To all the Windows Phone Down Under App users across Windows Phone, Windows 8 and Windows RT – PLEASE, stop giving feedback over the paltry recent level of articles to our erstwhile App Dev Garry @Handiware. HE makes the App, … Continue reading

Editorial: OK I give in…”Things that make me go Grrr!”

Over the past month or so as I have been busy outside of WPDU and not posting much (apologies all), there have been a few things that have been pissing me off about Windows Phone and Windows 8 since their … Continue reading