Official ATO 2013 Tax App hits Windows Phone Marketplace.


Finding official Australian Government Apps on the Windows Phone platform can be difficult. Even today, approaching the 3yr anniversary of the WP launch Down Under, there are only a handful of official Government Apps available. So it was with great surprise that we stumbled across this new App in the marketplace this week (yes, we have yet to submit last years tax)!

Only two things are said to be certain in this life; Death and Taxes. Now, with the official ATO 2013 App for Windows Phone 8 handsets, you can cross one of these off the list.

The App is clearly a port based on the iOS design and functions - however with so few Government Apps, having a port or replica of another platforms app is a far better outcome than no app at all!

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The basic functions appear to be:

  • View Income Tax rates for 2013.
  • Calculate the Tax Withheld rates / Income (basic)
  • View the progress of your submitted tax return (not submitting them from the app).
  • A Tax Q&A
  • Link to the website

It’s available for Windows Phone 8 devices only – and can be grabbed from the marketplace via the link (click the picture) below! I encourage you to give it a spin now and show Australian Government Agencies that if they Build it, we will come.



  • braid

    Looks like a jQueryMobile / PhoneGap app to me.

  • gh8421

    Glad to have another official government app (didn’t realise there were others, besides the CFA one which doesn’t work), I just hope they didn’t shell out another $5m to the same lot that ported the PC eTax app to Max OSX.