Calling all Aussie Windows Phone users. We need you for an important mission this weekend!


This is a call to arms. All Australian Windows Phone users…we need you. Now! This weekend you need to power-up ALL your Windows Phone devices and take just a few minutes to help an important community cause. Not Movember. Not Pink Ribbon, Daffodil or any other day…

We need you for #OURABCTOO Day!

The ABC is Australia’s premier digital-age broadcaster. As a publicly funded institution (via all our taxes) – the ABC has embraced the modern role of a media organisation, showing both innovation along with a preparedness to push the envelope in its various mediums, services and content.

Under the leadership of the current (and second term) Managing Director, Mark Scott, the ABC has pioneered online and mobile apps for customers to access its news, entertainment, radio and more. Examples of these include iView; Australia’s most successful and widely used catch-up TV service, local and national ABC radio services live-streaming, and more recently live video stream of the latest News24 TV channel – let alone all the other Apps available for specific ABC programming.


Clicking on the picture you above you can get more details on the 31…yep, thirty-one different mobile apps featured on this page. As they say, one of these will be perfect for you…

So what’s the issue I hear you asking. Why the call to arms? Well, any of these apps will be perfect for you, as long as you are not a Windows Phone user. Yes, OurABC does not have a SINGLE Windows Phone App (let’s not even start on Windows 8 yet!).

Zip. Zilch. Nought. Nil. Nothing.

Earlier this year Newspoll released their annual survey on the public’s feelings towards the ABC. It re-confirmed that the ABC is A) widely used by Australians B) widely trusted and C) both popular and fulfilling an important role for it’s audience. Speaking on the ABC’s role in the media ecosystem in this country in June, Mark Scott commented this “…seemed a good endorsement of the audience-focused strategy we’ve had for the past last decade or so. That strategy was prompted by the explicit shift in power from broadcaster to audiences that has occurred because of digital innovation.”

abc_ivew_wpFurther to this Mark adds that “the rise and rise of the smartphone and tablet in Australia,
convergence—which simply means all our radio, television and print media
experiences being available in a single device“. Unless that device is a Windows Phone of course.

So. We have no ABC Windows Phone Apps (you can continue to add Windows 8 Apps after each mention of Windows Phone for the rest of this article). To make matters worse, many of the major ABC webpage-based services do not support Windows Phone. Whether it’s live streaming of news (radio or video) – right through to their fantastic iView webs service, we see a continued pattern of incompatible services or pages for access on WP handsets.


Mark how do you reconcile this with “All in all, whenever there’s a partnership that will benefit audiences, you can rely on the ABC to pull its weight”? I’m sure Microsoft Australia have wanted to see WP Apps from the ABC on their platform.

However the ABC have justified not offering Apps for our community based on “numbers”. Return on Investment and Market Share (Audience size) are key commercial considerations for economic justification of capital expense to deliver services. This is the primary reason behind the slow uptake in Australia by the top end of town in delivering and supporting WP8 Apps and compatibility. Whether banking, top consumer brands, pay TV services, national sporting code apps or telecommunications – WP still has many notable gaps in it’s App catalogue based on companies maintaining a view on the platform which is becoming more and more out-dated.

Information WPDownUnder has received in recent months has confirmed that approaching mid 2013 Telstra Business were seeing Windows Phone devices selling at a rate as high as 20% of its overall ranged monthly handset sales to its business customers. Similarly, the incredible value of the Lumia 520 as an entry-level budget smartphone has seen this device become the single highest selling smartphone in Australia in its price bracket based on our sources – beating any similarly priced Android handset. We know Windows Phone has also surpassed Blackberry to be Australia’s clear “3rd” platform…even if it still has a long way to go to catch Android and iOS.

And yet companies continue an old and rapidly tiring public discourse of there not being the audience to justify WP App development. In the case of our ABC however, there has historically been a different approach to investing government funds (our taxes) in its service and content deliver. Mark Scott acknowledges this, saying the ABC has always “a responsibility to deliver a range of services which commercial broadcasters would not find profitable.”

It’s difficult to reconcile their view and performance as a digital pioneer, this above statement – and their absolute lack of Windows Phone Apps/Mobile support.


This is where you come in. Let’s rally the Windows Phone community in Australia to make a difference and send a message in the way the ABC will best hear it. No – not emails, petitions, twitter campaigns or negative social media attacks. Let’s create a big spike and use our Windows Phones to register the potential size of the market to the ABC in their own website traffic records.

This weekend, WPDownUnder wants all the local users, fans, enthusiasts and their WP owning friends to click on the links below once per day on Saturday and Sunday from each WP device they own. NOT MULTIPLE TIMES FROM THE ONE DEVICE PLEASE. We want this to be a fair and accurate ping from WP devices to the ABC, not a spam or inflated hammering of their sites to generate traffic. The reason we want you to use all of your WP handsets if you own multiple is the added reason of seeing how these show up in their weblogs.










Click once on each link (either the picture or text hyperlinks above from your WP).

Use each of the Windows Phone handsets you own/have.

Do it on both Saturday and Sunday if you can.

You can also use the hashtag #ourabctoo and leave a polite ABC tweet or ABC Facebook Page comment. Please share this post and campaign as widely as possible to maximise our reach for the campaign.

Let’s make our voice heard – and show the ABC that we want #ourabctoo on our smartphones. Build it, and we will come.


(Updated: Thanks @mabster for the QR code idea – and @AdrianJSClark and @mydigitallifeau for putting together some codes for us!)

  • rob

    pinned to the start menu ready to go.

    • Sheeds

      TY :)

  • polytec95

    Yes, Sheeds I will be doing my part for this cause. We have 3 WP devices in our household and they all will be joining the action.

    • Sheeds

      Thanks! :)

  • Sicarius123

    Hmm, but the ABC sites are terrible on mobile :p

  • Android User

    Stand in Line behind all the Android users that have been asking for years!

    • Doktor G

      wow really, no Android support? that I am surprised and suppose doesn’t leave too much hope for WP :( If Android is left out then ABC are obviously just a bunch of iFruit loving hipsters. they will force me to block ABC 2 for kids for my 4 and 2 year old and resort to Nickolodean junior on Foxtel. all which is pointless because i’m pretty sure my tax funded dollars are supporting them.

    • Sheeds

      Last time I checked – the page listing all the ABC Digital Apps had plenty of Android ones…

  • Dominic

    Nice idea. I’ve always wanted the ABC to bring iView to WP

    • Sheeds

      Thank you. Ditto here.

  • boggles

    Ready to go with 4 phones

    • Sheeds

      Now THAT’s support! ;)

  • kalval

    Nice. Lets hope this gets some attention.

    • Sheeds

      *fingers crossed*

  • David Pitt

    There is an open source Android app for iView called aView which works well. If the ABC won’t develop an app, maybe the community could.

    • Sheeds

      Not sure there is API access..but worth looking into! :)

  • LMZR

    My two windows phone devices will be joining the action, LET’S DO THIS!

    • Sheeds


  • Mikee

    My biggest frustration on WP8… I’M IN…..

    • Sheeds


  • C38S


  • Wayne Robinson

    Done on my two Lumias. Maintain the rage!

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  • ElliotR

    Boo hoo…why would we want the ABC…bunch of communists…get Fox News instead.

  • boggles

    Had any feedback from ABC?

  • gh8421


  • MotorMouth

    I’m a little late to this party but someone should have pointed out that WinPhone’s markletshare is roughly the same as the ABC’s ratings share, so if they won’t take us seriously, why should anyone take them seriously? I think it is typical of their arrogance, they can go to hell for all I care. I will never forgive them for what they did to 2JJJ.