#WP8AU Community Guest Post: Nokia World 2013, the last hurrah?

Photo via Chris Webber

Photo via Chris Webber

2013 so far has been somewhat of a roller coaster ride for Nokia, well let’s be honest the last 6 years have been since the rise of the smartphone.

Nokia has struggled to find a footing in this new touchy world and tech sites and the press have not been shy of sticking the boot in to keep the mobile giant down.

It has not all been bad however, if you look at the statistics the year over year growth of Nokia has been great and they have cemented their dominance over the Windows Phone platform.

So as we fast forward to 2013 and the pending decision before our Finnish friends to let go of part of their beloved brand to the Microsoft juggernaut Nokia takes the stage in Abu Dhabi to put on show, maybe for the last time, that they still have it.

In this day and age where tech consumerism is at a peak the chance of keeping new products a secret before launch is becoming increasingly impossible. Even Apple, a company notorious for being so secretive about its products that you wouldn’t know until launch what they are bringing out has products leaked well before launch.
If you are on twitter or read any tech sites you probably already know what we are expecting to see brought out, but there is always hope for that one card up the sleeve that was hidden in the noise.

So what did we see…

First off we got the new Nokia Asha models. They are the 500, 520 and 530.

The range now all have a quick swipe to switch functions similar to the Lumia line. Also included is quick sharing to email, sms, facebook and other social media.

The didn’t show off the specs too much but the quick run down is as follows:

  • The Asha 500 has a 2MP camera, comes with single or dual sim swap options and will cost $69US
  • The Asha 502 has a 5MP camera and flash, it comes with an update “fastlane experience”, the same dual sim switch out option and will cost $89US
  • The Asha 503 has a 5MP camera and flash as well, same as the 502 but it will also have 3G capability.

Now onto the Lumia’s!

We had heard that there was going to be some larger model phones coming out, and we got them.


The Lumia 1520

  • 6 Inch Display
  • Full 1080P Resolution
  • Uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad core CPU
  • Same Lumia design
  • The Black model is made from recycled polycarbonate
  • The new resolution and display supports and additional column to your home screen so 6 small icons wide now!
  • The camera on the back is a new 20MP pureview
  • The camera has OIS
  • The phone will come preloaded with a new camera app called Nokia Camera. It combines features from Nokia’s other camera apps into one simple to navigate app.
  • There is also a new app pre-installed called Nokia Story Teller. This tags all your photos with Geo Data so that you can zoom out from an image and see where it was take and it compiles them all into a date for easy searching.
  • The phone also has 4 microphones on board so you will have a surround sound pickup. This worked great in the demo!
  • People that buy the phone will get 7GB of free skydrive storage.
  • Comes with a new app called Nokia Beamer that can share to any internet enabled device.
  • Will come in Red, Yellow, Black and White.
  • Cost $749US


The Lumia 1320

  •  6 Inch Screen
  • 720P screen
  • 4G LTE
  • 5MP Camera
  • Dual core CPU
  • Similar setup the the 1520 with software and features
  • Will come in Orange, Yellow, Black and White
  • Cost $339US

The two phones above will have a version of GDR3 combined with their own Nokia software into a version they are calling Nokia Black. This will be installed on the devices at release and coming to all Lumia WP8 phones early next year.

Now the one you have been waiting for….


The Lumia 2520

The tablet happened!

  •  Inbuilt mobile (Take note Microsoft!), LTE connectivity
  • One piece uni body
  • They know people will hold the sides of the tablet so it has thinned edges
  • Uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8974 chip
  • Uses a custom display
  • Gorilla Glass 2
  • Zeiss Optics
  • 6.7MP Real camera
  • 2MP Front facing camera.

…. And that was about the point where my video feed was dropped. Sorry guys!!

Overall I was impressed what they brought out. There was always questions about if we would ever see the tablet they were working on and I am glad that it came out.

People after a Note style device will be really happy that one is coming out for the Windows Phone OS and the tablet brings Nokia’s well known industrial design to the PC market.

Oh and the best news is always saved until last….


Instagram and Vine are coming to WP8 in the next few weeks! Let’s see what the next thing people will say the Windows Phone “ecosystem” is missing.

Thanks for sitting through this long post guys, I had a lot of fun watching the stream and getting the info out as soon as I could. You can see my tourettes like posts on twitter for laughs.

From another member of the 5 percent club,



From Sheeds – Big thanks to Ben for jumping in when I was unable to cover this this evening. Nice work :)

  • Doktor G

    nice summary! Kinda was easier to read than the wpcentral one :)

  • Banana

    Awesome! The tablet the surface should have been! Definitely consider one.

  • Gnome

    Thanks for reading guys! Sorry for the rushed post and the inherent spelling errors and words.

  • http://moderncombat.wikia.com/ LMZR

    Am i the only one who wishes that the forums on this website were still active?

    Ether way, great post and i hope the 1320/1520 and 2520 make their way down here before the end of the year. :)

  • http://www.novakill.com/ MotorMouth

    One thing worth noting is that despite WinPhone’s relatively tiny marketshare, Nokia still out-sells it’s traditional mobile phone rivals, Sony and Motorola, so they aren’t doing nearly as badly as all the Applytes and Androids would have you believe. Android’s dominance is really Samsung’s dominance – take them away and Android would be nowhere.