Nokia Care release Software Recovery Tool for Lumia devices.


Nokia make great smartphones. The proof is in the pudding, with most web statistics and analysts consistently estimating that Lumia devices comprise greater than 90% of all Windows Phone sales and devices in use. However even the best OEM’s, with the best OS have the odd device which develops problems or becomes bricked.

It appears that Nokia have recently quietly taken the step of making available their Nokia Care Software Recovery Tool application to their user community, allowing users to try and get their devices operable in even the most serious cases without the need of shipping it back to a Nokia Care centre.

Proceed with caution.

Both the US and UK Nokia support sites are now offering the tool for download and use:


We expect the App links to the Navifirm servers and downloads the correct region/model variant OS file (as alluded above by d/l sizes of up to 4GB) allowing a full reset of the device and OS reinstall. This will undoubtedly wipe data on the phone (not tested) – so caution is recommended!


Nokia_Recovery_Tool_MainScreenWe didn’t proceed with connecting a WP8 device – not having a spare one lying around, and not being prepared to risk our beloved Lumia 1020! However it is great that Nokia is extending this DIY support to their Windows Phone devices, bringing this App out to offer what used to be available in their older phones via the Nokia Care Suite.

So if you have a bricked or broken WP Lumia sitting in a drawer somewhere – give this a go and let us know how it goes – we assume all care and no responsibility for your device ;)



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    Oh. Here’s a link to Nokia’s WP8 Care App (not the recovery tool above) if you haven’t seen this

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    I tested this today on a Telstra purchased 920 that went to gears after doing a reset (to pass onto a family member). None of the hard reset methods worked – but this tool did. I used the UK – English option.

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