Aussie Windows Phone Dev Kickstarter wants your help!


Long-time Windows Phone supporter and proud Aussie Dev Shantek Studios needs your help. Do you like card games. Do you like 3D Unity based gfx in your games on Windows Phone? Can you just not get enough Canasta in your life? Then this kickstarter is for you. Why not take a moment to check it out and support a local dev who has supported #WP8AU since before it had the 8 in it!

Long time readers will know of Shantek Studios, and Kris – the brains behind their local efforts such as Wheel of Wealth (which is approaching 1 million downloads). In case you missed it last week, Shantek have just launched a Kickstarter to re-imagine their WP and Windows 8x title Card Arcade as a cross-platform 3D title with a stack of new features!

Basing the graphics on Unity 3D, the kickstarter is seeking user-support to build THE ULTIMATE card game you want on every platform you have. Windows Phone, Xbox One (requires MS [email protected] support), PS4, Steam – even lagging platforms like iOS and Android 😉

On top of the existing Card Arcade games, Shantek Studios are looking to include:

– Canasta
– A variation of Skip-Bo
– A variation of Phase-10

The title will be unique for it’s cross-device and cross platform presence, stating “There is currently nothing of this scale available that is cross platform. We plan to make some of the games playable multiplayer across a Wi-Fi network and online, across platforms (with the exception of Xbox One and PS4 not being cross platform). Our goal is to make a game you can pick up and play solo or play any of your friends, without worrying about what OS they are running on their phone. Unlike any other titles currently available, we also aim to make your Card Arcade 3D stats and game progress sync across devices <not console versions>”


So what’s in the Kickstarter?

There is the usual range of support / $ donations, ranging from $5 right up to a corporate sponsorship option. They are seeking a “modest” total for investment in dev hardware/resources in order to bring the basic feature set and game to its planned platforms. Stretch targets will be added based on progress. You can get your name in the game credits, unlock codes for mobile versions, access to alpha/beta versions for minimal investment, with larger pledges able to get you a picture included as a card deck to having your photo scanned and converted into a graphic styling for an in-gamer AI controlled – or even as the default player graphic! And it doesn’t stop there!

So why not head over to their kick-starter page and check it our for more details. As a long-standing WP AU dev – I’m sure Kris would love to see some of us #wp8au and #wp7au long-termers – and those new to the platform get behind him. And who doesn’t like a good card game!