Developed Down Under


Developed Down Under (DDU) is a campaign and accompanying Windows Phone App for all Aussie Developers – for the Australian Windows Phone user community. As a FREE App - DDU aims to showcase our local content, from local developers through improved visibility and accessibility. Hopefully it will assist rewarding quality Australian Developers and their App offerings with new customer’s hard-earned dollars and positive reviews!

The Developed Down Under App (available NOW) provides a great range of features, including;

  • Random suggested Apps upon each application launch (can also be triggered in-app)
  • Additional search capabilities – including Browse by Publisher, Latest Apps, Picks for Aussies (Apps relevant to Australian business or regional use) and even more dice & slice.
  • You no longer need to spend valuable time sifting through over 80,000 Apps and painful keyword searches to look for relevant local Australian content.
  • Aussie WP7 news feeds from such sites as 1800PocketPC, Techin5, Peter’s Kitchen and us.
  • Aussie #wp7au Twitter feed etc. (to be available in a later update following launch)
  • An exclusive new Aussie #wpddu tag – Developed Down Under Twitter stream.

AND of course – it offers you, the Developer, additional FREE PROMOTION and FREE MARKETING of your APPS to a local and international audience without the clutter and noise of the rest of the worlds 80,000+ Apps in the marketplace distracting your prospective customers!

Importantly – Aussie Developers will need to OPT-IN to this app to ensure their catalogue is included. This also brings with it the need for a small amount of legal fine print…As the App partner, WPDownUnder will maintain a webform in the initial phase to allow Aussie Developers to “Opt-in” and allow their catalogue of Applications to be displayed in the Developed Down Under App. There are also necessary marketplace rules and conditions which need to be met – so also have a Terms and Conditions Document Developers will need to agree to in order to ensure (c) and existing Marketplace requirements from Microsoft have been met. These are available HERE.

With that out-of-the-way – this is an exciting new development for the Developed Down Under initiative. Our thanks to Niall of for all his hard work and expertise in distilling this concept into a great #wp7au community App – and also his committment to A) keep it free and B) ensure no bias or favour over any particular Developer or App. Hopefully, WPDownUnder can communicate some more news on the broader Developed Down Under campaign in the coming weeks – it most definitely does NOT stop here.

After you download the App, please consider providing user feedback for future enhancements. If you run an Aussie blog featuring #wp7au news or have something you think would be useful to help build the App and expand it features (eg RSS feed or news source etc) covering LOCAL AU relevant content then be sure to let either Niall or myself know.

In the meantime – we would love to hear your thoughts via the comments feed here or on Twitter via the #wp7au hashtag and new (amended) #wpddu tag!

Sheeds – and Niall of


PS. Thanks to Garry Holden of Handiware for his tagline naming idea of “Developed Down Under”. Direct and to the point! Nice work.


DEVELOPER “OPT-INS” ARE NOW HANDLED VIA THE NEW WEBSITE. We have a great semi-automated wizard/form to make it easy for developers to submit their Apps to this campaign. Just click on the picture below to jump to the new Portal.

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