Update on WP7 NoDo forced updater on WPRadio Podcast 22

Listening to the latest WP Radio Podcast (episode 22 HERE ), Brandon Watson from MS reports ~12:00 minutes into the podcast;

The Chris Walsh Chevron.Updater tool definately does not update your handset to 7390 Nodo properly.  He states “It didn’t quite work as they thought it did……and they didn’t have the ability to test it completely”  His analogy was “It’s got tyres, it’s got doors, it’s got an engine – it looks like a car, BUT it’s not a car!“. Continue reading

Chevron Forced WP7 Updater

Update on the Chris Walsh Chevron.Updater forced Windows Phone Update Tool.


Quote from Chris Walsh’s Blog:

Despite the fact that all outward signs indicate the phone has been updated to build 7390, Microsoft tells me otherwise. Part of the problem, the company says, is that I incorrectly used an undocumented API to deliver updates.

Most problematic, Microsoft tells me that updating in this manner will place devices in a “non-serviceable state”. In its blog post describing the situation, Microsoft instead says devices updated in this manner “may” no longer receive updates

Because the tool is, in Microsoft”s words, “breaking phones”, I have taken it offline at their request.

While the number of users impacted by this utility is small, I would at least like to communicate that I”m sorry if this tool causes any issues down the road. In a follow-up post, I’ll detail what your next steps should be as official support isn’t an option at this time.

Source: http://blog.walshie.me/

So there you have it direct from Chris himself.  Whether this is 100% the case as MS state is open for debate, as some users are reporting having received OEM firmware OS updates since using the update tool.  Time will tell.  As it is, I have used this tool on my Samsung Focus – and will report back on further developments (I have NoDo working well).