A Tale of Two Government departments. Part 1: Fire Ready….or Not.


Hey folks. It has been a while. It’s probably timely (or would have been a couple of months ago) to mention that if you haven’t connected to our Twitter Account or Facebook page – which remains active, topical and engaging on all things Windows Phone, Xbox, Windows 8, Nokia and more Down Under – then I strongly recommend you click the links and join the discussions there!

Despite the lack of recent updates, we have remained active – engaging Nokia, MS – and most importantly key Australian companies and Government departments on their stance on supporting the Windows Phone platform in Australia via Apps, mobile-browser support, advertising and more. Overall 2013 was an extremely positive one for key App launches (and equality) for Windows Phone as Paul Thurrott wrote.

Down Under, the app section on Windows Phone continuing to fare the worst – and by a long way – is that of official Government Department or Services Apps. And just recently we lost one of the few Apps which was available, that of the Victorian FireReady App.

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#WP8AU Community Guest Post: Nokia World 2013, the last hurrah?

Photo via Chris Webber

Photo via Chris Webber

2013 so far has been somewhat of a roller coaster ride for Nokia, well let’s be honest the last 6 years have been since the rise of the smartphone.

Nokia has struggled to find a footing in this new touchy world and tech sites and the press have not been shy of sticking the boot in to keep the mobile giant down.

It has not all been bad however, if you look at the statistics the year over year growth of Nokia has been great and they have cemented their dominance over the Windows Phone platform.

So as we fast forward to 2013 and the pending decision before our Finnish friends to let go of part of their beloved brand to the Microsoft juggernaut Nokia takes the stage in Abu Dhabi to put on show, maybe for the last time, that they still have it.

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Calling all Aussie Windows Phone users. We need you for an important mission this weekend!


This is a call to arms. All Australian Windows Phone users…we need you. Now! This weekend you need to power-up ALL your Windows Phone devices and take just a few minutes to help an important community cause. Not Movember. Not Pink Ribbon, Daffodil or any other day…

We need you for #OURABCTOO Day!

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