UPDATED. DataSense: We help make sense of where you stand and setup a resource to report when you should have it.

Back in 2012 one of the “new features” promoted as coming with Windows Phone 8 was DataSense. This set of Phone Features and services was created to assist users with managing the tricky (and often costly) usage tracking of mobile … Continue reading

Exclusive: Telstra Live Chat – Andrew Volard confirms Telstra WP8 feature updates for Australia.

Over at Telstra, the company everyone used to love to hate continues to demonstrate industry – and actually even Australian wide – social media leadership in engaging their customers. Their Live Chat’s via their Facebook page have provided regular customers … Continue reading

Regional MS WP8 feature limitations strike Down Under again…but perhaps not for long!

As any early Windows Phone 7.x adopter will know, regional feature limitations have been a bugbear on the Windows Phone platform. Whether it’s Local Scout, voice control, podcast management, Zune Pass or any other of the many services/platform features of the Windows Phone ecosystem - … Continue reading